This genealogy site covers my family roots which center around Southwest Virginia, Scott County in particular. Major lines include Cox, Carter, Culbertson, Wolfe, and Lawson. As one typically finds in this mountain region, there are several other lines intertwined among these families Scott County is not an especially prosperous area, but even a cursory review of these people reveals a rich heritage and personal integrity that I hope to embody in some small way.

This research should be considered a work in progress. It was begun by my grandfather, T. M. Carter, and supplemented by work from many members on my family over the years. I have attempted to extend the research, but in so doing I am aware that there are weak links and even internal inconsistencies. The site documents sources where available and the reader should look at these sources when evaluating this data in their own work. Should you find issues with this report, please let me know. Any assistance that helps me strengthen this research or provides stronger source material would be greatly appreciated. My email address can be found at the foot of each page.