Site Progress

While things are progressing slowly, the site is beginning to take shape with the new WordPress format. I have completed a first draft on most of the professional pages, with the exception of Morristown. Most have at least some pictures and an overview of what the communities offer. The genealogy section has had some modest updates.

The most significant progress is in the photography area. I have also launched this section and the first gallery of images. If you get a chance to look around, let me know what your think. I’m still testing the gallery format.

First Post

After a bit of a struggle, I think that I am about to be able to publish a first draft of this as a WordPress site. I struggled with the file structure for a bit and could not get the genealogy files link to work. I think it is finally working and I can move on to productive work. I have great aspirations to add a photography gallery, refine the professional session and get down to seriously cleaning up the genealogy data files.

Bear with me as I get this up and running, but please do let me know of problems and areas that need work.