Grotto Falls / Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail


We took a long weekend trip and toured the Smokies and the region. The trip started with the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail with Grotto Falls as the primary objective.

Grotto-1 Grotto-1-2

Lots of interesting flowers and plants along the trail headed to the falls.

Grotto-1-7 Grotto-1-6

You can walk under the falls for an interesting perspective. There were several folks there for a weekday.


View from the other side. I was one of three photographers dodging spray and waiting for a shot from this side. We got caught in rain about the time we finished shooting the falls, regretting having left the rain gear in the car. We were pretty soaked by the time we got to the bottom of the trail.


Further down the trail, we stopped by this stream.

Grotto-1-8 Grotto-1-9

These cabins are further down the loop road.

Overall, not bad for the first leg of the journey.

For more information about this trail –

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